Waste Management up to 2012

  1. Investigation of the use, recycling and energy recovery of polyurethane derived from recycling of cooling systems (2012).
  2. Development of an integrated waste management system for the municipality of Acharnes (2012).
  3. Statistics and quantitative methods in data mining and processing needs analysis and software development (2011).
  4. Assessing the impact of long-term storage of biodiesel (2011).
  5. Investigating the separate collection of waste cooking oils in Greater Thessaloniki Area (2010).
  6. Environmental and energetic characterisation of a renewable fuel (2010).
  7. Energetic utilisation of wastes in a biodiesel production plant (2010).
  8. Energetic and environmental optimisation of a biodiesel production plant in a life cycle approach (2010).
  9. Environmental impact assessment and waste management strategies of the A.H.E.P.A. General Hospital (2009).
  10. Measurements and monitoring of hospital waste and assessment of treatment options (2009).
  11. Waste analysis of the Ippokratio General Hospital (2009).
  12. Preliminary investigation of the combustion characteristics of a waste-derived fuel (2009).
  13. Serres bioenergy district (2009).
  14. Investigating the separate collection of waste cooking oils in greater Thessaloniki area (2009).
  15. Environmental characterization of medical wastes incineration residues (2008).
  16. Wastewater analysis of the Serres General Hospital (2008).
  17. Wastewater analysis of hospital (2008).
  18. Review of state-of-the-art management techniques for bottom ash from waste incinerators (2008).
  19. Inventorizing biomass potential for integrated energy utilization in a paper industry through combustion and anaerobic fermentation (2007).
  20. Alternative management of packaging waste in Greece: Overview of present situation and investigation of the development margin for new collective systems (2007).
  21. Risk assessment of an old waste disposal site (2007).
  22. Investigation, identification and promotion of innovative business opportunities in utilising end products from end-of-life-tyres recycling – Phases A and B (2007).
  23. Characterization and management plans for hospital wastes (2007).
  24. Market mapping and system analysis for the implementation of a new system for the alternative management of packaging waste at national level (2006).
  25. Development of a Methodology for Fair and Efficient Charging of Waste Services in Urban Areas (PENED, 2005-2008).
  26. Studying the Management of Wastes Generated in a Dental Unit (DAST) (Pythagoras II programme, 2005-2006).
  27. Restoration of the Tagarades landfill, east sector, phase B: Concept of a technical offer (2004).
  28. Investigation of the recycling fees for various categories of waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) (2004).
  29. Consultancy services in the solid and toxic waste management study for the PETROLA HELLAS refinery (INTERGEO Environmental Technology Ltd., 2002).
  30. Study for the optimization of solid waste management system for the Municipality of Kalamaria (Municipality Kalamaria, 2001).
  31. Development of an information system for the management of uncontrolled disposal sites for solid wastes in the Region of Central Macedonia. (INTERGEO Environmental Technology Ltd., 2000-2002).
  32. Application study of recycling projects for paper, aluminum and plastics in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH 2000).
  33. Environmental Impact Assessment of the landfill site in Maurorahi (AUTH, 1998).
  34. Study for the disposal of solid wastes for the Greek Islands (European Union, 1997).
  35. Techno economical study of a sorting plant for solid wastes (Ecologiki S.A., 1995).