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LHTEE is capable of offering various services either at national or at international level, individually or in collaboration with other laboratories and enterprises in the following fields:

  • Environmental impact assessment studies.
  • Planning and analysis of air pollution abatement strategies.
  • Consulting services in atmospheric environment protection.
  • Technoeconomical studies in energy technology and waste management.
  • Risk management of industrial plants.
  • Assessments for Life Cycle Analysis and eco-design.
  • Implementation of environmental management tools and regulations (ISO 14001, EMAS, Eco-label, IPPC).
  • Recycling assessment studies.
  • Investigation of the use, recycling and energy recovery of polyurethane derived from recycling of cooling systems.
  • Preparation of preliminary design energy upgrade for school buildings.
  • Definition of sustainable energy action plans within the “ENERGY FOR MAYORS” frame.
  • Development of integrated waste management systems for municipalities.
  • Integrated evaluation of alternative wall constructions as applied in various countries.
  • Development of a software tool for the energy and environmental evaluation of buildings.
  • Assessment of energy conservation measures in typical buildings according to the geographic and climatic regions.
  • Pilot and demonstration projects for renewable energy sources (RES) in educational buildings.
  • Statistics and quantitative methods in data mining and processing needs analysis and software development.
  • Assessing the impact of long-term storage of biodiesel.
  • Development and operation of air quality management software for supporting regulatory authorities
  • Thermodynamic analysis of a solar operated domestic absorption refrigerator.
  • Assesment of air pollutant emissions and effects on air quality from the use of alternative fuel mixes in the cement industry
  • Quantification of fugitive dust emissions from mining activities
  • Investigation of the separate collection of waste cooking oils.
  • Environmental and energetic characterisation of a renewable fuel.
  • Energetic utilisation of wastes in a biodiesel production plan.
  • Energetic and environmental optimisation of a biodiesel production plant in a life cycle approach.
  • Evaluation of Redwell infrared heating systems.
  • Evaluation of night time electricity tariffs for refrigeration purposes.
  • Environmental impact assessment, waste management strategies and waste analysis of hospitals.
  • Measurements and monitoring of hospital waste and assessment of treatment options.
  • Preliminary investigation of the combustion characteristics of a waste-derived fuel.
  • Bioenergy district.
  • Study for the implementation of high efficiency energy renovation measures at Water Supply and Sewerage Company headquarters.
  • A guide for renovation measures in order to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings.
  • Modelling, meteorological and result interpretation consultancy services for UK and International photocatalytic trials, to help provide promotional work for Millennium Inorganic Chemicals use in marketing the photocatalytic products.
  • Assessment of air-pollution impacts and thermal burden from combined-cycle power plants.
  • Environmental characterization of medical wastes incineration residues.
  • Wastewater analysis of hospital.
  • Review of state-of-the-art management techniques for bottom ash from waste incinerators.
  • Energy saving potential in uninsulated buildings, using thermal facades and high efficiency windows.
  • Quantification of the expected improvement of urban air quality, resulting from the proposed operation of a suburban sea transport service.
  • Energy conservation study in a residential building.
  • Software development for calculating thermal loads of the building's shell according to EN 13790.
  • Improving the draft of the legislative act on the energy performance of buildings.
  • Energy design guidelines for technopolis technological park.
  • Inventorizing biomass potential for integrated energy utilization in a paper industry through combustion and anaerobic fermentation.
  • Alternative management of packaging waste.
  • Risk assessment of old waste disposal site.
  • Investigation, identification and promotion of innovative business opportunities in utilising end products from end-of-life-tyres recycling.
  • Characterization and management plans for hospital wastes.
  • Preparation of national emission reduction and ambient air quality assessment programmes.
  • Market mapping and system analysis for the implementation of a new system for the alternative management of packaging waste at national level.
  • Feasibility study for a new photovoltaics facility.
  • Development of a software application for the calculation of thermal conductivity of buildings including thermal bridges, with the establishment of the methodology and algorithms, the layout and framework of the software and databases.
  • Methodology for the formation and the evaluation of municipal solid waste management scenarios on urban level.
  • Study of the perspectives and the possibility of the adaptation of a “Pay-As-You-Throw” (PAYT) charging system. Management of Wastes Generated in a
  • Management of wastes generated at dental units
  • Restoration of uncontrolled landfill.
  • Investigation of the recycling fees for various categories of waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE).
  • Master Plan for the construction of the underground parking.
  • Analysis of air quality in a city in the framework of the development of a Master Plan for air pollution abatement.
  • Development of a computational tool for an integrated management and design of desalination systems that use renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal) as their energy carrier
  • Consultancy services in the solid and toxic waste management study for a refinery.
  • Assessment of the thermal pollution and the potential impact on local climate from the operation of the planned natural gas fired thermoelectric unit.
  • Impact on air quality from the use of pet coke as a fuel in the furnaces of the ceramic products industry.

National consulting activities

  1. Industry
  2. Traffic
  3. Waste Management
  4. Other Studies

International consulting activities

LHTEE is proud to be the first Laboratory in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki to be certified to an ISO 9001:2008 Standard by two independent certification organisations TÜV CERT and QMSCERT®.

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