Other studies up to 2012

  1. Preparation of preliminary design energy upgrade for two school buildings in the municipality of Kozani (2012).
  2. Definition of sustainable energy action plans within the “ENERGY FOR MAYORS” frame (2012).
  3. Integrated evaluation of alternative wall constructions as applied in Cyprus (2012).
  4. Development of a software tool for the energy and environmental evaluation of buildings (2011).
  5. Assessment of energy conservation measures in typical buildings according to the geographic and climatic regions (2011).
  6. Pilot and demonstration projects for renewable energy sources (RES) in educational buildings (2011).
  7. Development of an air quality management system for the Greater Thessaloniki Area, to provide hourly now casting and daily forecasting estimates as well as to compile and study custom emission scenarios (2011).
  8. Thermodynamic analysis of a solar operated domestic absorption refrigerator (2011).
  9. Evaluation of Redwell infrared heating systems (2009).
  10. Evaluation of night time electricity tariffs for refrigeration purposes (2009).
  11. A detailed study for the implementation of high efficiency energy renovation measures at the EYATH headquarters (2009).
  12. A guide for renovation measures in order to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings (2009).
  13. Energy saving potential in uninsulated buildings, using thermal facades and high efficiency windows (2008).
  14. Quantification of the expected improvement of urban air quality in Thessaloniki, resulting from the proposed operation of a suburban sea transport service from the center of the city to the Peraia region (2008).
  15. Energy conservation study in a residential building in Kifissia (2008).
  16. Software development for calculating thermal loads of the building's shell according to EN 13790 (2008).
  17. Improving the draft of the legislative act on the energy performance of buildings (2007).
  18. Energy design guidelines for the technopolis technological park in Thessaloniki (2007).
  19. Preparation of national emission reduction and ambient air quality assessment programmes (2006).
  20. Feasibility study for a new photovoltaics facility in Sidirokastro, Serres (2006).
  21. Development of a software application for the calculation of thermal conductivity of buildings including thermal bridges, with the establishment of the methodology and algorithms, the layout and framework of the software and databases (2006).
  22. Analysis of air quality in the city of Athens in the framework of the development of a Master Plan for air pollution abatement (2003).
  23. Analysis of air quality in the city of Patras in the framework of the development of a Master Plan for air pollution abatement (2003).
  24. Further analysis of City-Delta findings on air pollution in the urban background and their integration into the RAINS model (2003).
  25. Planning-Implementation and Operation of a Pilot Project on Environmental Management (AUTH, 2002).
  26. Development of a computational tool for an integrated management and design of desalination systems that use renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal) as their energy carrier (2002).
  27. Assessment of the thermal pollution and the potential impact on local climate from the operation of the planned natural gas fired thermoelectric unit of Hellenic Petroleum (2002).
  28. Investigation of environmental impacts from the operation of the radio and t.v. antennas park located in the Aeras Mt. Parnis (Ministry of Transportation and Communications, 2001).
  29. Installation of a complete and reliable system of air pollution models for the master plan implementation and environmental protection of Thessaloniki (Organization of Planning and Environmental Protection in Thessaloniki, 1997-1998).
  30. Hellenic network of freight villages (Hellenic Chambers Transport Association, 1997).
  31. Music Megaron of Thessaloniki (Technodomiki Ltd., 1996).
  32. Activity plan for the protection of the environment at the prefecture of Thessaloniki (BCS, 1996).
  33. Reconstruction of Kifisos river bed (Topiotechniki Ltd., 1995).
  34. Energy supply of the Veniselio and Pananio Hospital at Heraklion, Crete (ENVECO S.A., 1994).
  35. Demarcation of the extension of the Delta Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas biotope (Topiotechniki Ltd., 1992).
  36. Demarcation of the Delta Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas biotope (Topiotechniki Ltd., 1992).