International consulting activities

  1. Supply of services for the development of an emission inventory that will include the creation of an air emission database and the provision of software tools for simulating ambient air quality (2008).
  2. Modelling, meteorological and result interpretation consultancy services for UK and International photocatalytic trials, to help provide promotional work for Millennium Inorganic Chemicals use in marketing the photocatalytic products (2008).
  3. Participation at the consortium in charge of the Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change of the European Environmental Agency (European Union, 2001-2004).
  4. Study of the development of photochemical defilers by means of mathematics modelation and its effects on health (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, 2000-2001).
  5. Participation at the consortium in charge of the Topic Centre on Air Quality of the European Environmental Agency (European Union, 1994-1999).
  6. Planning of a major European photochemical smog field study (Institut Français du Pétrole, 1994-1995).
  7. Interpretation of the results of the “Heilbronn experiment” (Ministry for the Environment Baden-Weurttemberg, 1994-1995).
  8. Implementation of a model system for the prediction of photochemical smog (Electricité France, 1994-1995).
  9. Air pollution abatement strategy in Mexico City (Comición Metropolitana para la Preven­cion Control de la Contaminación Ambiental en el Valle de México, 1993-1994).
  10. Study of a cooling system in the design of the power station ‘Project 90’, employer: Neckarwerke AG (1989).
  11. Plum dispersion simulation of cooling towers at the company Schwabische Conservenfabrik Gundelsheim, employer: Schwabische Conservenfabrik Gundelsheim (1988-1989).
  12. Wind field simulation over complex terrain, employer: JRC Ispra (1988).
  13. Numeric simulation of temperature distribution of the exhaust gas in a gas turbine at the power station Kot Addu, Pakistan, employer: Balcke-Durr AG (1987).
  14. Plume dispersion of the forced flow of a cooling tower at the nuclear power station GKN II, employer: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Baden-Weurttemberg (1986-1987).
  15. Description of the thermal behaviour of a cooling tower at the power station Volklingen, employer: Saarbergwerke AG (1985-1986).
  16. Calculation of surface temperatures and contact coefficients for the NET mantle, employer: Nuclear Centre of Karlsruhe (1984-1985).
  17. Interpretation of thermal flux measurements in the pilot installation HDR, employer: Nuclear Centre of Karlsruhe (1982).
  18. Design and description of thermal behaviour of a hybrid cooling tower for a nuclear power station of 1300 MW, employer VGB (1982).
  19. System design for the thermal flux measurements of a Lobi installation, employer: JRC Ispra (1979-1980).
  20. Calculation of thermal behaviour of cooling lakes in a Ahaus installation, employer: DWK (1978-1979).