Industry up to 2012

  1. Integrated evaluation of retrospective thermal insulation solutions in Cyprus (Fibran S.A., 2013).
  2. Energy consulting and sustainable development for the design study of the school of Engineering at the University of Cyprus (Chrisanthou, Papachristou, Kotsiopoulos – Architects, 2012-2013).
  3. Integrated evaluation of alternative wall constructions as applied in Cyprus (Cyprus Association TBE, 2012-2013).
  4. Investigation of the production possibilities of 2nd generation biodiesel from biomass fractions of municipal and industrial wastes (Biodiesel S.A., 2012-2013).
  5. Utilisation of Pb-containing sand from CRT glass from WEEE recycling (Konstantinidi BROS, 2012).
  6. Investigation of the use, recycling and energy recovery of polyurethane derived from recycling of cooling systems (Konstantinidi BROS, 2012-2013).
  7. Estimation of air pollutant emissions from the TITAN S.A. cement plant in Thessaloniki and simulation of pollutant dispersion in the surrounding area, for different fuel mix scenarios (TITAN S.A., 2011).
  8. Development of a software tool for the energy and environmental evaluation of buildings (FIBRAN S.A., 2010-2011).
  9. Quantification of the contribution of current and foreseen mining activities of West Macedonia Lignite Center to the emissions and ambient concentrations of PM10 (2010).
  10. Energy saving potential in uninsulated buildings, using thermal facedes and high efficiency windows (Polykem S.A. – D. Nasoulas, 2008).
  11. Properties and potential of thermal insulating panel (Metalcomercial - Th. Makris S.A., 2007-2008).
  12. Material development for the analysis and documentation of heat-insulating applications (FIBRAN AEBE, 2007-2008).
  13. Compilation of biomass inventory in Central Macedonia, for energetic utilization in a paper mill through either combustion or anaerobic digestion (Macedonian Paper Company MEL S.A., 2007).
  14. Study of the dispersion of air pollutants emitted from a combined-cycle power plant located near Agios Vlassios in the Municipality of Cheronia, Boeotia Prefecture (2008).
  15. Technical guides to embody principles for sustainable and bio-climatic desighn in TECHNOPOLIS buildings in Thessaloniki (Technopolis Thessaloniki, 2007).
  16. Energy conservation study in a residential building in Kifisia (Bakalas K. & CO, 2007).
  17. Designing a Photovoltaics unit at Sidirokastro, Serres (Photoenergy Sidirokastro S.A., 2006-2007).
  18. Preparation of national emission reduction and ambient air quality assessment programmes (Lohmeyer GmbH & Co KG, 2005).
  19. Analysis of air quality in the city of Athens in the framework of the development of a Master Plan for air pollution abatement (ENVECO S.A., 2004).
  20. Analysis of air quality in the city of Patras in the framework of the development of a Master Plan for air pollution abatement (ADK S.A., 2003-2004).
  21. Further analysis of CITYDELTA findings on air pollution in the urban background and their integration into the RAINS model (IIASA, 2003-2004).
  22. Impact on air quality from the use of pet coke as a fuel in the furnaces of the ceramic products industry TERRA S.A. (TERRA S.A., 2002).
  23. The examination of thermal pollution and the contigency impacts on the climate from the operation of the planned thermoelectric unit of natural gas of Greek Petrolium (Paraskevopoulos-Georgiadis Ltd., 2002).
  24. Implementation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP for the industry AGNO S.A. (AGNO S.A., 2001-2003).