(Zero-waste energy-efficient agricultural communities in the GR-FYROM cross-border area)

Objective: The ZEFFIROS project aims to implement the first, one-of-a-kind, bio-gas energy production pilot installations in the Greece-FYROM cross-border area, designed and operated through inter-municipal cooperation and based on cross-border exchange of knowledge and good practice. ZEFFIROS will demonstrate effective solutions to existing problems in the cross-border area; (a) illegal disposal of waste from farming and animal husbandry and non-utilisation of by-products, (b) over-utilisation of chemical soil-fertilisers with implications on food and water safety, (c) high cost of bio-waste disposal that jeopardises business viability (e.g. slaughterhouse), (d) negative impacts on financial and environmental sustainability of territories from the dependence on fossil-fuels.

LHTEE Contribution: Review of the legal & policy framework, development of business value chain modelling, technical specifications and operational plans for the pilot bio-gas units, public survey on local capacities and training needs, technical support for pilot activities.

Funded by: Interreg IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme "Greece- The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014-2020"

Major Partners:

  1. Municipality of Serres
  2. Slaughterhouse Municipality of Strymona S.A. Regional and Local Authorities
  3. Municipality of Dojran
  4. Municipal primary school "Koco Racin" Dojran