(Transnational educational network for young people - new technologies and entrepreneurial thinking in the tourism industry)

Objective: The objective of the project is to provide opportunities for joint initiatives for vocational education and training of young people for the needs of the tourism industry. This includes innovative training and modern tools for education, online activities, practical initiatives, simulation business game, transnational educational camps, entrepreneurial thinking of young people, fostering the sustainable development knowledge for more competitive business environment in the region.

LHTEE Contribution: Participation in the work packages and preparation of deliverables that concern the project management and coordination, the communication and dissemination, the collective needs for capacity building, the entrepreneurial learning in the field of tourism and the transnational dimension of vocational education and training.

Funded by: Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean Programme (2017-2019)

Major Partners:

  1. National Tourism Cluster “Bulgarian Guide”, Bulgaria
  2. AULEDA - Local Economic Development of Vlora Region, Albania
  3. Municipality of Kicevo, FYRoM