(Particulates Monitoring, Modelling and Management)

Objective: The main goal of the project is to develop state of the art air pollution moedelling system, in order to support the Department of Labour Inspection of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance in the Republic of Cyprus in preparing cost effective and efficient particulate matter (PM) management. More specifically, the project aims at facilitating effective and efficient dust management, improving the monitoring and source apportionment capacities, providing reliable estimates of transboundary contribution to measured concentrations, as well as preparing a source specific dust management plan. In this direction, new and innovative data collection and processing methods, as well as a robust stakeholder participation process will be introduced in order to support the application of the air quality models. The standard data collection activities will be supported through the project by remote sensing techniques. This method can greatly enhance source apportionment and air quality modelling.

LHTEE Contribution: LHTEE is responsible for the street scale modelling part of the integrated modelling system, which will be developed in this project in order to be used for assessing the contribution of different sources in PM levels inside street canyons, as well as for the analysis of different emission scenarios. Emphasis will also be given to the parameterisation of non-exhaust emissions, acknowledging the important role of resuspension and wind blown dust. The street scale approach will form an integral part of a multiscale modelling system incorporating larger scale models.

Funded by: EC, under the LIFE+ (2007-2013) programme

Major Partners:

  1. Department of Labour Inspection, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance (DLI)
  2. ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus ltd
  3. Environmental Software & Services GmbH (ESS)
  4. Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)