Regional circular economy models and best available technologies for biological streams

Funded by:		European Regional Development Fund ERDF 
        					through Interreg Europe Programme 

Project duration: 	2017  2022 


  • Improving knowledge related to circular economy of biological streams i.e., bio-based circular economy
  • Increasing recycling rates of biological materials e.g., food waste/biowaste, municipal and industrial sludge and agricultural residues
  • Transferring expertise


  • Joint development of policy instruments
  • Defining best practices of bio-based circular economy: cooperation models and best available technologies
  • Describing regional biological streams
  • Identification, collection, and exchange of information on COVID-19 and bioeconomy measures taken in the regions of project partners


  • Regional stakeholder group meetings
  • Interregional events for strengthening interregional cooperation: roundtable discussions, workshops, seminars, and field visits to transfer experiences of best practices in circular economy of biological streams
  • Policy briefs and expert papers of EU use
  • Regional dissemination events
  • Sharing policy briefs and success stories on the policy learning platform


  • Six policy instruments will be improved: funding of new projects, improving the management of the instruments, influencing the strategic focus of the instruments
  • Regions will be better equipped to implement new technologies and cooperation models in order to move towards bio-based circular economy, enhancing innovations related to saving natural resources as well as green growth and new jobs in the long term
  • Enhance regional and interregional cooperation
  • Increase professional capacity among stakeholders
  • Raise public awareness of bio-based circular economy

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