(Alternative tourist strategies to enhance the local sustainable development of tourism by promoting Mediterranean Identity)

Objective: The general project objective is to enhance a balance among tourist attractions, as an economic source of growth, and the conservation of the classical Mediterranean City Model as an example of sustainability. More specifically, ALTER ECO aims to (i) reduce the concentration of human activities in hotspots where carrying capacity is exceeded, through the diversification of the offer, considering environmental, cultural and economic impact, (ii) highlight the value of MED tourist destinations by reinforcing Mediterranean identity and visibility and through the promotion of local tradition and common cultural heritage, and (iii) enhance the coordination of actions between public and private stakeholders towards the implementation of the raised strategies in order to create new business opportunities. ALTER ECO provides the opportunity of testing, in 6 representative MED cities/regions, used as LIVING LABs, existing methodologies and tools arisen in previous high impact projects with the aim of reaching holistic and realistic tourist strategies at local and regional level that promote local sustainable development by preserving/restoring Mediterranean Identity.

LHTEE Contribution: LHTEE is responsible for the preparation of the pilot activities carried out in Valencia, Gandia and Malaga (Spain), Genoa and Venice (Italy), Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Rhodes (Greece), as well as for the evaluation of these activities after the implementation. LHTEE is also the Responsible Partner of WP4 (Transferring). In this framework, LHTEE will develop common guidelines for delivering the different milestones, namely: 1.engagement of elected representatives towards the implementation of the proposed tourism strategies in the pilot areas 2.building capacities of appropriate target groups towards the implementation of the Model 3.transfering theoretically and applying practically the methodology for the design of tourism strategies (Model) to other areas. Especially for selecting the areas for the applications a scientific methodology will be introduced. LHTEE will coordinate, support the partners, ensure the comparability and reliability of data and information and give clear guidance on the target groups that will be involved. In addition, LHTEE is responsible for the preparation of the pilot activities.

Funded by: European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (Interreg MED)

Total budget: 2 293 630 €

ERDF-IPA funds: 1 949 585 €

Major Partners:

  1. Comunidad Valenciana Region: Valencian Institute of Building Foundation, Spain
  2. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  3. Malaga City Council, Spain
  4. Municipality of Genoa, Italy
  5. City of Dubrovnik, Croatia
  6. Larnaca-Famagusta Districts Development Agency, Cyprus
  7. Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy
  8. South Aegean Region, Greece
  9. The European City of Culture, Tourism and Development, France
  10. Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands, Italy