(Low Cost Zero Waste Municipality)

Objective: To develop, test and disseminate integrated zero waste management concepts for the participating regions in order to minimize municipal waste production, divert materials from landfilling and maximize material and energy recovery in a life cycle approach. The final objective is the creation of a harmonized European zero-waste methodology in the municipal sector (including its various segments), a roadmap for municipalities paving into the zero-waste field, as well as an interactive policy tool-box for goal-oriented municipal waste management adaptable in all EU countries, in the frame of a long-term sustainable development approach.

LHTEE Contribution: Participation and contribution in most workpackages.

Funded by: MED Programme - Protection of the environment and promotion of a sustainable territorial development (2007-2013)

Major Partners:

  1. EFXINI POLI, Local Authorities Network for social, cultural, tourist, environmental and agricultural development, Greece
  2. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Laboratory for Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering, Greece
  3. Ecological Recycling Society, Greece
  4. Scientific research centre Bistra Ptuj, Slovenia
  5. ASAEL - Aragonese Association of Local Authorities, Spain
  6. Municipality of Ragusa, Italy
  7. BRGM - Office of Geological and Mineral Research, Regional Geological Service of Provence Alpes Côte-d’Azur, France


Project cofinanced by the European
Regional Development Fund