Laboratory profile and history

The Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering (LHTEE) belongs to the Energy Section of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece. The Laboratory is responsible for eight pre-graduate courses in the Mechanical Engineering Department. More than ten doctoral candidates are supervised by LHTEE’s staff members.

 LHTEE conducts basic and applied research in three main areas:
·        Energy systems and technology
·        Air pollution 
·        Waste management

LHTEE has a long record of research and consulting activities, both at national and international level. Most of the research funds of the Laboratory originate from competitive programmes of the European Commission. In the last ten years, the turnover of the Laboratory exceeded five million €. Results of our research efforts are published in peer-reviewed journals and in the proceedings of national and international conferences. Since 2002, highlights of our activities are presented every year in our Annual Report “Sustainability Dimensions”.

Faculty members  

Nicolas Moussiopoulos Professor, Dr.-Ing. habil., Prof.h.c. (Director)
Leonidas Ntziachristos Associate Professor

Permanent staff members                                         
Fotios Barmpas Dr.-Eng., Aero. Engineer, MSc
Ioannis Douros Dr.-Eng., MSc
Georgios Perkoulidis Dr.- Mech. Eng.
Theodora Slini Dr.-Eng.
Christos Vlachokostas Dr.- Mech. Eng.
Afentoula Koukounaris Administration Officer
Ioannis Ossanlis Mechanical Engineer, MSc
Researchers and PhD candidates  
Technical Staff and Secretariat