To accelerate the implementation of the core area of ventilation within the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive at European and national levels and thus improve energy efficiency in buildings by directly transferring existing knowledge to appropriate actors in a suitable format.

Funded by:		 Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Community
Project duration: 	2006

Vent Discourse was mainly aimed at European building professionals to facilitate the implementation of the energy performance in buildings directive (EPBD). It was found out that there is a great demand for distance learning training material suitable for industrial and educational training in relation to emerging issues in energy and buildings and the methods followed in this project might be useful for other areas.
The method of development was based on a review and evaluation of educational distance learning methods for the target audience and their application to building ventilation. The contents were based on a study concerning the collection, evaluation and classification of existing information; available sources were identified and classified according to their usefulness for the education material. Different methods have been used in each country for developing the material and the contents of the course and a series of seminars was carried out in four countries.