(Sustainable Green Fleets)

Objective: To disseminate experiences and good practices in relation to alternative fuels and alternative propelled vehicles (AF&APV). To inform target groups, such as captive fleet staff and driving novices, about best cases and acquire procedural and technical knowledge about AF&APV. SUGRE will support procurement processes to increase the percentage of AF&APV in captive fleets. Campaigns will address the public and stakeholders, communicating enabling factors for AF&APV and increasing the visibility of APV and fleets running on alternative fuels. SUGRE will also offer after sale support for AF&APV-users (refuelling site maps and mobile phone based services) and cultivate the AF&APV users’ network in Europe. Thus, SUGRE aims to increase the share of AF&APV in Europe’s captive fleets, reduce the share of fossil oil derived fuels in Europe’s transport, and use the transition to AF&APV to reduce road near emissions.

LHTEE Contribution: Analyse in depth the country’s conditions regarding the conversion of existing fleet types into green fleets. Define and organise the main steps for the dissemination campaign, such us production of printed and electronic materials and examples of best practices. Contribution to common dissemination activities and compilation of an evaluation handbook.

Funded by: EC-Intelligent Energy - Europe (2003-2006).

Major Partners
  1. Austrian Mobility Research (FGM-AMOR), Austria
  2. Energy and Environment Agency of Oeiras (OEINERGE), Portugal
  3. Ecorys Nederland BV (ECORYS), The Netherlands