(Development of a global methodology for the vulnerability assessment and risk management of lifelines, infrastructure and critical facilities)

Objective: Development of an integrated methodology and a GIS tool for (a) assessing the vulnerability of public utility networks, infrastructures and significant services, based on Hellenic characteristics, and (b) compiling particular strategies for reducing and managing seismic risk.

LHTEE Contribution: Assessment of the seismic vulnerability of water, sewage and energy networks, assessment of the total value of all exposed elements.

Funded by: Hellenic General Secretariat of Research and Technology

Major Partners:

  1.   7 AUTh Laboratories
  2.   Ministry of Thrace and Macedonia
  3.  Region of Central Macedonia
  4.  Master Plan of Thessaloniki
  5.  Telecom Greece
  6.   Themeliodomi
  7.  14 Local Authorities of Thessaloniki Urban Area