(Network for energetic utilization and thermal treatment of solid and liquid wastes)

Objective: To activate the critical research mass of AUTh on thermal processing and energy recovery technologies from solid and liquid waste. In solid waste several categories such as biomass and municipal solid waste are covered as well as their pre/after-sorted fractions or other special categories suitable for pyrolysis-gasification or incineration (Refuse-Derived Fuel: RDF, Packaging-Derived Fuel: PDF, Tyre-Derived Fuel: TDF, municipal and industrial sludge, etc.), either in special waste treatment facilities or in suitable industries including cement plants, ceramic furnaces, electrical energy plants, steel mills, etc.

LHTEE Contribution: Coordinator, expertise on solid and liquid waste management.

Funded by: AUTh Research Committee.

Major Partners
  1. Laboratory for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering
  2. Laboratory of Analysis, Design and Control of Chemical Processes and Plants
  3. Laboratory of General Chemical Technologies
  4. Laboratory of Organic Chemical Technology
  5. Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Control
  6. Laboratory of Dental Surgery
  7. Laboratory of Environmental Planning
  8. Laboratory of Forest Rangelands