Network for energetic utilization and thermal treatment of solid and liquid wastes (NEUTRA)

Funded by:		AUTh Research Committee
Project duration: 	2006-2007

The main objectives of NEUTRA are to integrate and extend the expertise of its members by providing a critical and cost-efficient mass of research and know-how potential and making this available for external partnerships and projects. Scientific subject of the NEUTRA network are the thermal processing and energy recovery technologies from solid and liquid waste. Several categories such as biomass and municipal solid waste are covered as well as their pre/after-sorted fractions or other special categories suitable for pyrolysis, gasification or incineration. Finally NEUTRA considers the impacts from uncontrolled open combustion of solid waste and the potential of energy recovery from existent landfills in the frame of their restoration/remediation. The added value of NEUTRA is the integration of multidisciplinary resources on a highly cost-efficient basis. The network consists of 9 laboratories of 6 Departments of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.