(Conversion from Oil to Gas and Upgrading of the Heating Systems in the University Campus)

Objective: To examine the feasibility and, assuming it is positive, to undertake the necessary technical assessment for the transition from petrol to natural gas for heating buildings on the A.U.T. campus.

LHTEE Contribution: The existing situation of the A.U.T. building unitsí heating systems was recorded and the possibility of connecting boiler rooms was examined. Based on the data gathered, the alternative possibilities were assessed and the optimum route for the natural gas network was chosen. The route for the natural gas network was defined and planned in every detail. Following on from this, the burners and all the necessary regulatory and monitoring systems were specified. The cost of the network and the equipment was determined, based on the measurements and specifications mentioned above. An investment analysis was carried out, determining that the required investment for the implementation of the programme, amounts to 120 million GDr. and is expected to be amortised in less than 3 years. At the same time, the reliability and availability of the heating system will improve, whereas CO2 emissions arising from the operation of the system, which is the largest single building unit in the centre of Thessaloniki, are expected to decrease by 23% and fume emissions will fall to zero.

Funded by: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1999)

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