(Optimum management of industrial products at the end of their useful life)

Objective: The project aims at the optimization of the end of life management of electrical and electronic equipment. The strategic goal is to redesign industrial products in order to (a) decrease the volume of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), (b) decrease the hazardous materials that are contained in such goods, (c) enable their reuse and (d) enable their environmentally sound disposal.

LHTEE Contribution: Project co-ordination, electrical and electronic equipment life cycle analysis and waste management.

Funded by: Greek Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, Operational programme “Education and initial vocational training” (EPEAEK II), Pythagoras programme (2004 - 2006).

Major Partners:

  1. Laboratory for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering (LMTME), AUTh
  2. Laboratory of Quantitative Analysis, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LQalscM), AUTh