Integrated methodology for monitoring, decommission, sanitation and restoration of uncontrolled sites for solid waste disposal

Funded by:		Ministry of Education, Pithagoras programme (2004-2006)
Project duration: 	2004-2006

The research aims to the development of an integrated methodology for monitoring, replacement, decommissioning, sanitation and restoration of uncontrolled solid–waste disposal sites in local and regional level. Within this framework, the following objectives are discerned:

  • Design and customization of a geographically-based data bank and an efficient monitoring frame.

  • Assessment of the environmental, economical and social impacts.
  • Compilation of an integrated framework for evaluation of alternatives concerning related managerial strategies.
  • Optimization of the project management for implementing the selected monitoring and restoration scheme.
  • Synthesis and compilation of a guidebook for communities.

Resulting from the implementation of the project’s aim and accomplishment of the related objectives will be the significant facilitation of the decision making process concerning the uncontrolled disposal sites.