(ENvironmentally Viable electronic CITY)

Objective: The project objective is to develop an internet-based application for environment information related services. The e-content domain extends over four environmental application areas: air emission, air quality, topography and meteorology.

LHTEE Contribution: Co-ordination & scientific support in requirements analysis (needs of city authorities, EIA experts, citizens), system architecture design and development.

Funded by: CEC, eContent-European digital content on global networks (2001-2005).

Major Partners:

  1. Environmental Software and Services (ESS)
  2. Forschungsinstitut für anwendungsorientierte Wissensverarbeitung (FAW)
  3. Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)
  4. Institute of Energy Economics and the Rational Use of Energy (IER)
  5. Ingenieurbüro Dr. Ing. Achim Lohmeyer (LOH)
  6. Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)
  7. NORGIT Senteret AS
  8. National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
  9. Institute of Environmental Sciences, Energy Research and Process Innovation (TNO)